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Robert Glick was featured In the June Editorial of San Diego Home/Garden Magazine The Line Forms Here by Janice Kleinschmidt:

"If I am lucky, one day someone will refer to me as a 'quotable thinker' and a 'romantic figure' bearing a 'certain swagger when dressed to impress.' San Diego artist Robert Glick uses these words to describe 19th century architect Louis Sullivan, originator of the 'form follows function' doctrine.

A painter whose work is hung in the Gaslamp Quarter's recently renovated Andaz hotel (which is how and where I met him), Robert is fascinated by quantum physics and, most specifically, alternation: the change in matter from one state to another and back again.

'To Sullivan's credit,' he states, 'few human endeavors are more set in stone than buildings, so it is logical they be designed to first perform the functions for which they are intended.'

As Robert points out, function itself changes over time (e.g., a single-car garage is obsolete when most American families have more than one vehicle).

And so it is that commercial buildings get repurposed when their original usefulness dissipates. Warehouses become loft apartments, train stations become shopping centers, banks become restaurants, and bookstores become yoga studios...As we edge toward the realization of self-driving cars...I wonder when we'll see the self-adapting house. I need to ask Robert how quantum physics might apply to plumbing in such a world."

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