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Quantum Sense

How to Ally with Change, Growth, and Creativity


Quantum Sense is common sense. It is your spark of curiosity, adaptation and change found in the unravelling of the universe and the mutation of neural connections that give voice to consciousness. It kisses life and light, breath and death, language and thought, drama and emotion. It hides in green buds and black decay, in every face of creation and destruction. Resolute and beautiful, terrifying and inspiring, it is in your blood and your heartbeat, your pulse and impulse.


Quantum Sense is much more than a book — it’s a philosophy. Every page is dedicated to the underlying principle that no ideology or view of the world should be offered or accepted which does not fully account for both the joyful privilege of being alive and the want of being human.


Quantum Sense is a guide into the most powerful force in the universe. Recounting the origins of change, growth and creativity, the author reveals nature’s own perpetual motion machine, and demonstrates how it creates a world that is adaptive and alive.


Quantum Sense is a self-help book. It asserts that you can employ the very forces that design and direct the universe because they can be found in the ever-changing assemblage of particles that make up you and your world. These natural drivers effect who you are and what you think. They even effect your desire and ability to tap into creativity and affect change. Because their power resides in you, you have the potential to put them to good use. But because they are everywhere, they can be hard to isolate, understand or truly appreciate — until now.


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